Workplace visit

Movement can be quick, easy and simple.

How it works

Roll Your Shoulders - in your workplace

Easy and simple movements that is not an exercise class or a stretching session. You will be taught why movement is important at work, and in your daily life. Posture rarely needs to be corrected, it really doesn't matter if you sit or stand like a pretzel, it matters that you move.

Step 1:

A visit to your workplace, to individual workstations to teach subtle and some not so subtle movements in the sitting and standing position.

Step 2:

Small group movement session and discussion on the importance of movement, advice will be given on how to manage postural pain.

Step 3.

Myth busting discussion: long standing beliefs about posture will be broken down, and hopefully dispelled forever.

Step 4.

Keep practising, keep moving, use prompts such as the movement videos and the gym stick provided. Book a second visit within 6 months as a reminder and to catch anyone that missed the first one.

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