Lifting your arms above your head will move your ribs, back and shoulders, using a stick is optional. It's very simple and easy to do.

How to move

movement education

A reminder of how to move your spine, your ribs, your shoulders and hips. Movement is free, but you need to have a little bit of structure to then vary and be free with your movements. I will teach you the basics and you can do the rest.

Some may feel awkward to move in front of people at work, I will teach you to move discreetly, and hopefully break down some movement barriers within the workplace.

I don't care too much about your posture, or what position your hips or knees are in, I care that you bend, turn, lift, and twist your hips, knees, shoudlers, spine and ribs throughout the day.

- Move your arms by lifting them up

- Move your neck by sticking your chest out

- Move your lower back by slouching or swaying


Your spine, shoulders, hips and knees need to move, even whilst you are at work.