Movement class

Learning to live with your spine as you age, work and play.

Learn to move your spine in life; at work, and as you age.

Learn to move your spine

Based in The Marwood Room, in St. Luke's Church on The Avenue in Kew, Richmond. Movement class is a 45 minute movement education, learn to move your spine; to move your arms around your spine, and to coordinate movements using your spine, arms and hips.

Your spine is central to your posture, hobbies, work and life. It allows you to age well, and continue moving like you used to, or like Mick Jagger does today ;-). Come to explore; to be curious, to get it wrong sometimes, and to rediscover what your body can do. Have you asked your body recently what it can do? Maybe it is time to do so. Book online.

The session will begin with a general warm up, a 6 week cycle focused on a theme, such as coordination. There will be time at the end of each session for questions.
Themes and skills:
- spinal movements
- mobility in standing & sitting
- balance
- coordination
- different ways of getting on the floor and up again
- movement strength

What you will get out of it



Who is this for?

All levels are welcome. Email me if you are unsure and want more information.

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