Claire is a full time physiotherapist and osteopath who is passionate about movement and wants to show you just how easy it is to move.

Claire Slater-Gallon

Registered Osteopath & Physiotherapist BSc (Hons)

Claire is a full time physiotherapist and osteopath, who is passionate about helping people move, get stronger, and realise their full potential. Your movement and your belief in how you move is essential in keeping you strong and resilient. A reminder on how to move, is all it takes sometimes.

Claire runs her busy practice Get Strong physiotherapy & osteopathy, in Kew, Richmond. She sees a lot of runners and has a keen interest in treating running injuries especially foot and ankle problems. Injuries such as calf and Achillies ruptures, treatment always begins with movement; ankle movement up and down, and body moving up and down on the ankle. Other exercises like strength, and plyometrics play a big part, but it always starts with movements.

"Movement became an interest of mine when seeing the results and benefits it gave people, regardless of their fitness levels, it was always the most simplest and basic movements that took no time to do that were the most useful".

For more than a decade I have been encouraging my patients to move, and the repsonse I often get is, 'oh yes, I do some stretching first thing in the morning". Or, "I have a standing desk at work". "But you are still not moving" I say, "Oh, they say". I then show 5 sesonds of movement that will get the ribs, spine and shoulders moving. I then ask that they do that everyday for the rest of their lives. "Oh that's easy, I can do that", they say.

Rolling your shoulders is one of the most easiest and quickest movements you can do anywhere and anytime.