Roll Your Shoulders

I will show you some very simple movements to do whilst sitting at your desk.

There's more to good posture than having an ergonomic assessment at work

Easy, simple movements.

Good posture is misunderstood, and because of this, bad posture becomes the go-to status, "my posture is bad". It is not bad, it probably needs more movement in your day and everyday. Not stretching, or exercising though, just easy, simple movemetns. One of the easiest and effective movements to do is rolling your shoulders, it takes 5 sesonds, it will move your shoulders, ribs and spine. Roll Your Shoulders, is a form of movement therapy, it teaches the importance of movement, as well as how simple and easy it can be. There are many movements, and each of them take no more than 5 seconds to do. The main barrier to movement in the workplace and in adult life; is knowing how to move, and the movement taboo culture. Once you know how to move, movement will feel less awkward and become more natural.

The purpose?

To reduce muscle tension, and joint stiffness, to empower you to continually change your posture and avoid sitting or standing for hours in a static position. We are all going to get older, if we are lucky, the question is how are we going to choose to get older? Are we going to choose stiffness, a crooked spine with stiff joints, and achy muscles? Or are we going to choose movement, playfulness and exploration of movement, to the point where it no longer becomes taboo to move?

Common responses to do you move at work? are:
- Yes, I get up for a coffee every now and then
- I have a standing desk
- I try to get up for a glass of water as much as I can
- I walk every day with my dog

The reason your neck, upper back or shoulders are aching is because they haven't moved for hours, and the little dig of pain they give you is a nudge to get you to move.

There's a myriad of ergonomic chairs and desks which help with work station set up. However, it’s not just about the position you sit or stand in, it is about the movement you do whilst in that position. Movement that takes 5 seconds, whilst you are working.

I have been treating work related postural issues for more than a decade and I still hear old fashioned beliefs about posture. For example: "my posture is terrible". (It's not). "I don't sit properly". (It doesn't exist). "I slouch too much". (Slouching is fine). It's time to blow these myths out of the water!

Movement philosophy

Everything starts with movement.

Whether you are busy at work, or preoccupied with achey shoulders, movement is essential. Movement that will take 5 seconds to ease your shoulders and inspire creativity. Simple, easy movements that your body and mind will thank you for. Posture is a temporary position you sit or stand in at any given time, it is not 'an aligned sitting or standing position'. It's about changing your posture, not improving your posture. What people see as a negative can be viewed differently, for example, if turning your head to the side feels difficult, that might be the movement for you to do today, tomorrow and the next day. Sometimes it is about finding the struggle, and persevering.

Your next posture is your best one, and your next posture can be taught, and the one after that, and the one after that, I think you get the picture:-).

What this is not:

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